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Behind the Scenes of  

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Annie Lizzie Hopson Wood,

the woman who tucked in generations of children, grandchildren and great-children with a simple litany: "All the little [random animal names inserted here] are going to sleep," in a calm, rhythmic manner that lulled many the wound-up child  to sleep.
In conversation with her editors at HarperCollins and illustrator Jane Chapman, Joy (Annie Lizzie's great granddaughter) chose creatures with the quirkiest, most charming bedtime routines, arranged them in alphabetical order and by the parts of the world where they live, then created a rhyme scheme intended to entertain, teach and help children feel fabulously loved  as they curl up.
On behalf of the Jordan-Lake, Owen, Wood, Jordan and Jackson-Jordan families, may you treasure the moments when all your little ones going to sleep.

Resting Tiger
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