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Above the Clouds

A Bend of Light

Welcome to the village of Pelican Cove,
based loosely on
Kennebunkport, as well as Ogunquit, Camden, and other towns of Maine's southern coast

Our story begins in autumn....

View from Mount Battie overlooking Camden harbor, Maine. Beautiful New England autumn foli

Amie Stilwell shows up armed only with her Deardorff camera

Vintage Skis in Winter Scene.jpg

Amie uses one of the few things left to her by her mother: an old pair of cross country skies

Lobster buoys in Maine as they looked in 1950--and this morning

Fletch Osgood's general store F.O. Provisions was inspired by H.P. Provisions, one of Joy's favorite spots in Kennebunkport to grab a snack. And the Pelican Cove veterinarian Seth Wakefield's green Ford was inspired by this treasure.


In the author's imagination, here's the road from the village to the farmhouse of Shibboleth Travis


What mystery writer is going to pass up a picture of this perfectly named fishing craft?


The storied Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport inspired The Promontory in the novel's Pelican Cove

If you've never visited the coast of Maine in autumn--or any time of the year--let A Bend of Light nudge you to pack it with your walking shoes and make that trip soon!

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