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Below are several samples of previous interviews Joy has been a part of, which include television, audio, online and written interviews. 

Additional reviews can be found under "Media.

Check out Joy's Blog for more audio interviews. 

In these interviews, Joy answers questions about why she writes about race, the experiences from her life that have inspired her works, her advice to aspiring writers, and the themes behind her books.

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Video interviews 

A Conversation with
Author Joy Jordan-Lake


Despite the shot above in which the author appears to have gone fully off the rails, Joy loved getting to know the students, faculty, and administration of Amarillo College, and talks here on the Panhandle's PBS station about her fiction, the experiences that inspire particular scenes, about racism and moral courage, and about the writing life.

A Conversation with
Author Joy Jordan-Lake

Blue Hole Back Home 

with Page by Page 

Page By Page with Joy Jordan Lake author of “Blue Hole Back Home: A Novel” behind the scenes of the book, based on a true event.  Hosted by Adam Southern. Executive Producer Ross Jaynes and Adam Southern. Directed and Edited by Ross Jaynes.

Presidential Scholars discuss the Common Reader on FM90


Jordan Bryant, Angel Rodarte, and Jenna Hooten live on FM90 on Monday, Nov.10 discussing the AC Common Reader Blue Hole Back Home by Joy Jordan-Lake.  This year's focus is author Joy Jordan Lake, her book Blue Hole Back Home ,and the concept of moral courage.

Speaking at "Writer's Read," hosted by Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia


Audio interviews 

Blog Talk Radio: Interview with Author Joy Jordan-Lake
and Host Cyrus Webb  
Under a Gilded Moon   

Author Joy Jordan-Lake discusses #UnderAGildedMoon on #ConversationsLIVE with Host Cyrus Webb 
Listen to Interview


A Conversation with Author Joy Jordan-Lake

A Tangled Mercy 

Joy Jordan-Lake’s new novel, A TANGLED MERCY, is the result of 20 years of research and writing that began when she was a young Ph.D. student at Tufts. Set in Charleston, SC in present-day and in 1822, she intertwines the stories of a gifted but enslaved 19th-century blacksmith and a floundering Harvard grad student who is researching the planning of a slave revolt. 

In this Authorlink AUDIO interview, Joy talks about the importance of our stories in breaking down barriers between cultures. Stories, she believes, help us walk in someone else’s shoes in a way that fosters more understanding. 

On the subject of writing, Joy believes the craft is neither learned or innate, but a combination of both. As one who teaches university-level writing, she advises writers trying to break into publishing to take seriously any rejection or suggestions from knowledgeable people, to read voraciously, and to attend writers’ conferences as a way of landing a good agentClick here or the image to PLAY



Click on PDF to download interviews or click on links. 

A Q&A with Author Joy Jordan-Lake

Under a Gilded Moon   

Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb, a blogger in Conversation with Author, Joy Jordan-Lake about her latest novel, "Under a Gilded Moon" and the inspiration behind the novel. 

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A Conversation with Author Joy Jordan-Lake

Under a Gilded Moon   

Behind the Scenes of the novel "Under a Gilded Moon" and behind the Author, Joy Jordan-Lake with Creator and
Host Judith D. Collins "An Elevator Ride with the Author Series" and Book Blogger @JudithDCollins  #jdcmustreadbooks

Read More (Book)   Read More (Author) 

A Conversation with Author Joy Jordan-Lake

A Tangled Mercy  

In this interview, Joy discusses her decision to dedicate "A Tangled Mercy" to the people of Charleston, her  sometimes rather unconventional research behind the book, and why she, as a white woman, writes about race.

On Inspiration: Interview with Author Joy Jordan-Lake

A Tangled Mercy  
Elisabeth Storrs  

In this interview with Elisabeth Storrs of Triclinium Blog, Joy discusses what inspires her writing.

A Conversation with Author Joy Jordan-Lake

Blue Hole Back Home   

In this interview, Joy unveils behind-the-scenes exclusives and the inspiration of Blue Hole Back Home (updated edition).  

Love Story: Joy Jordan-Lake’s A Crazy-Much Love explores the irrepressible love of parents for their adopted child

A Crazy-Much Love   

BY JULIE DANIELSON  Chapter 16   Author Jordan-Lake spoke with Chapter 16  to talk about this book, why she felt compelled to write her first children's book, and how it is based on her family’s own experience with transracial adoption. 

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